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Buck Stove Products

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Reliable Propane, LLC, Gas - Propane, Hot Springs, AR
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Reliable Propane: Serving Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Reliable Propane customers have been helping us grow by passing on our reputation of service to their friends and neighbors. We’ve learned a lot over the years from listening to our customers and we’ve tailored our product and service lines to fit the needs of those living in Hot Springs Village and the surrounding community. Relationships, honesty and integrity are at the core of our business.

We specialize in SERVICE and our philosophy is really very simple… Provide the products you need, and deliver service that exceeds your expectations… period.

We believe that when you call for a delivery or to schedule service work, you don’t want to wait… so we don’t make you. We respond when you call.

We Offer:

    Our 100lb. cylinder automatic changeover system used for fireplace gas logs and cook tops.
      Lease options are available
    Full line of Buck Stove vent-free gas logs as well as other premier brands
    New 20lb BBQ grill cylinders
    Service work on all vent free gas logs
    Annual vent-free gas log cleaning service beginning in September each year
    Fireplaces and Propane Tanks Vent-free ceramic radiant heaters
    Buck Stove Grills
    Fuel for propane powered back-up generators
    Convert wood burning fireplace to propane
    Installation for all our products
    Easy access for RV’s to pull in and out – no backing required!!!
    We refill all your portable propane cylinders
      20lb BBQ grill
      30lb, 40lb & 50lb camper cylinders
      5lb golf cart heater cylinders
      Forklift cylinders
      100lb fireplace cylinders

We cater specifically to the Hot Springs Village area and our location on Hwy 5 just south of the Balboa gate makes us the most convenient location for all your propane refills.